Transpersonal Coaching

A holistic client-centred approach to personal growth and healing that combines science and spirituality to better understand and integrate life’s challenges.

What is it?

Transpersonal Coaching is a holistic client-centered approach to healing, transformation and personal growth.

Going deeper than traditional life coaching, we look at what it is you are experiencing in the context of life beyond the physical and behavioral aspects of the event or situation, whether it be past or present. Together we explore what purpose challenging circumstances may be presenting for you to heal and evolve.

Merging science and spirituality with psychology, counseling and coaching practices and processes we look for understanding life and its happenings beyond the ego. Engaging the soul in this way we bypass what is consciously known and delve into the unconscious and the superconscious to find clarity, compassion and newfound sources of creativity.

Since the nature of life is change and the source of life is still a wondrous mystery it makes sense to process and understand our circumstances and experiences from a bigger broader perspective – one that honors and empowers every aspect of our being.

Why this approach to healing?

In order for us to effectively move through difficult situations and life-changing events it is necessary that we integrate what we have faced and been through. Making connections and meaning can help us re-frame our experiences so that they can become an accepted part of our journey to wholeness.

Forgiveness is often the balm that is needed for us to truly heal and love aids us in this transformational process.

But we must begin at the beginning – validating your experience, your emotions, your response, and where you’re at is the first and most important step toward healing. Compassionate acceptance enables you to then open up to the possibilities for healing and growth that are buried within your experience. Drawing on findings from the fields of science, spirituality and psychology and applying them to the mind-body-spiritual being that we are gives us a much greater capacity to understand and integrate our challenges. Finding new ground then allows you to move through your experience with greater ease and grace.

We learn so much about ourselves, about relationships, about life through the difficulties and challenges we go through – our job though is not just to endure them and go through them, it is to grow through them – to let them change us into someone who is stronger, more resilient, more compassionate, and more loving.

What's involved?

Whatever problem you are facing already contains the answers. They may seem hidden but it’s my job to help you find them.

Symbolism, imagery, crystals, oracle cards, writing, visualization…all are tools at our disposal to help us discover the deeper meaning of what we experience and why. They can also be a great support to our new way of seeing and believing, along with affirmations, prayer and meditation. Discerning what to use and when is also my job – but I am always informed by and honor what your inner sage guides you toward.

It’s also my job to encourage, inspire, and uplift your spirit and help you to re-connect to the light within.

$90 per one hour session.

Who can benefit?

For some, this holistic approach is needed as they navigate unexpected and unfamiliar terrain. Uncertainty in any area of one’s life can be alleviated with the application of conscious awareness and a proactive response.

For others, Transpersonal Coaching can help us make sense of the sense-less – difficult events and circumstances that are so hard to digest can be understood more easily. Struggle and suffering can cease when we apply a metaphysical perspective to the situation.

And then there are those who feel a sense of dissatisfaction with their life and the direction it is taking. They can’t quite put their finger on it, but purpose and meaning may feel absent and a sense of longing or loss may be present.

Together we can navigate uncertainty, make meaning from your experiences, and explore your unique path and purpose.

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