Ignite your inner Seeker to access your inner Sage! Coaching for spiritual development and awakening that expands your awareness while nourishing your soul.

What is it?

Ignite your inner Seeker to access your inner Sage! Coaching to connect with your spirit and expand your awareness while nourishing your soul.

Your inner seeker can lead you to your inner sage, but first you must ignite the seeker within by cultivating curiosity, wonder and the desire to know more and to know deeply who you are and why you’re here. A genuine interest in the seen and the unseen, in life as we know it as well as the life that is beyond our five senses is what supports us as we grow from the inside out.

Move from Seeker to Sage as you explore, develop and deepen the spiritual practices that will best serve you as you navigate life. Connect to the wisdom within and open up to the eternal field of knowing for greater meaning joy and fulfillment.

Why go from Seeker to Sage?

Our inner Sage knows. It is the wisest, highest spiritual aspect – our Self with a capital ‘S’. It always has our best interest at heart and wants to guide us to live our best most prosperous and fulfilling life. When our inner purpose is aligned with our outer purpose we can experience more joy, creativity and love – presence and meaning underscore our choices and activities and our days can take on a richness and depth we never knew possible.

Our intuition or inner-teacher is how our Sage speaks to us, and by increasing our self-awareness and actively seeking connection we can gain greater access to that eternal all-knowing part of us, allowing us to live in harmony with our truest life.

What's involved?

Your current level of awareness will be a great indicator of where to start and your end-goal will determine the path we explore – one that is right for you. We will look at your spiritual growth needs and wants and plan appropriate practices that fit in with you and your lifestyle to enhance your connection to Sage and Source.

A range of hands-on tools that support self-awareness, self-reflection and self-connection will be road-tested by you so that you can leave the session feeling comfortable with the practices you have chosen.

Each session is one hour in length and you can opt for as many sessions as you like. The whole process will be driven by your needs, your desires and your choices as to what feels right for you as you embark on or deepen your spiritual quest.

$90 per one hour session.

Who can benefit?

If you want to expand your awareness and grow in consciousness so that you can live your life with greater depth, meaning, purpose and joy then establishing a spiritual practice is a must. Becoming a seeker can support you to tap into your inner sage.

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