Find Your Way

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Grow through challenge and change to live a more meaningful life.

We’re all on a journey – that’s what life is!
But rarely is it a smooth one.

The unexpected twists and turns can make it hard to navigate and the challenges change induces can be troubling and difficult to manage.

It’s little wonder we resist change, but it has much to bring us and teach us.
The question is can we open ourselves up to all that it offers?

Can we meet it with curiosity, with interest, with a willingness to learn from it and grow through it while we find our way consciously, purposefully and compassionately?

To navigate is to find the way.
But there is no right way or wrong way – just your way.



Full colour, soft cover, perfect bound.
154 pages on 105gsm paper stock.
Book measures 175mm x 125mm x 10mm.

First published in 2021 by Seeker & Sage, Melbourne, Australia.
© Gena McLean 2021

ISBN: 978-0-646-83712-3

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10 reviews for Find Your Way

  1. Lisa Price (verified owner)

    Love this book! The format is just right; bite size chunks of learning that you can binge on or just graze slowly when it suits you. It feels nice to touch and hold, and the colours are so soft and calming. Thank you Gena, I look forward to revisiting Find Your Way regularly for reminders, support and inspiration.

  2. Nettiebelle (verified owner)

    I dip in and out of this beauty on paper, and I find my way. The wise words soothe my angst and give me hope and direction.The wise words of McLean are solace in this COVID and questioning world. It’s a beautiful book inside and out.

  3. Jennifer Hann (verified owner)

    What a Beautiful Book! The wise words in this book resonate with me through this emotionally challenging time. The Author, Gena McLean, has allowed us into her world while at the same time, helping us with ours.
    I highly recommend you get your hands on
    Find Your Way.

  4. Deborah Thompson

    A wonderful and moving book .it has made me really stop and think. It’s the book you didn’t know you needed until you start turning those pages .
    This is my go to guide , I love how you can keep coming back to sections -special words & phrases that you might need to re read on different days .
    And to compliment and complete this journey is the podcast, which I found very soothing and very personable.
    Genas has a wonderfully soothing voice .
    Thank you Deb

  5. Jo Zappia (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed reading “Find Your Way”. Such a great size book to read with many wise words & thoughts. The book is then all brought to life in the podcasts with Gena’s gentle words & clarity of her message. I’m sure Gena sharing her life journey will inspire others.

  6. Amy McKenzie

    Gena, lovely Gena, describes this book as an ever evolving guide, a book to use and to pick up any time you need, it is that and more. While reading this book I was so aware that you would constantly resonate with differing chapters, depending on where you are on your journey.
    I adore this book and cannot recommend it highly enough.

  7. Sarah

    Find Your Way is an atlas, a reference for life and all it throws you. I find solace and guidance in Gena’s words. Some days I read a line, a page or many. This is a beautiful book to return to time and again to help you through life’s big and little challenges. Thank you Gena for giving this gift to the world.

  8. Kirsty MacDiarmid (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying and appreciating the gentle wisdom that floats from these pages. This book is a delight to read. I have been devouring this book slowly and savouring each nugget. I like the way this book is able to reach the reader at whatever place they are on in their journey. Thank you so much for writing a book I really want to read over and over again.

  9. Libby Noblet (verified owner)

    Gena’s words through her book have helped my head and heart keep finding ways together. As a guide and dear friend, I hear Gena’s voice in every word and this brings me much peace at the beginning of each day as part of my morning practice. Along with the journaling course I completed with Gena over a year and a half ago, I expect this beautiful book will be a part of each day for awhile to come too. Thank you Gena for sharing your wisdom, insight, courage and compassion with us. With love, Libby

  10. Caity

    What a beautiful book. I love to keep this treasure next to my bedside table to open it up and get what I need for the moments I feel lost, anxious, foggy or to prompt my journaling. This book reminds me that I’m never alone with my thoughts and feelings, it’s a warm hug or sage advice from a friend in a perfectly constructed book. Thank you for your words of wisdom

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