Seeker & Sage Philosophy

Let your curiosity lead you to discover your Seeker and your Sage.

Seeker & Sage is an orientation to life – a way of being that empowers one to live curiously and consciously with the intention of awakening spiritually.

It is based on the premise that life is a journey and that along the way we will encounter countless opportunities to awaken, expand, heal and grow.

The Seeker is the part of us that wants to know – it searches for meaning and truth and understanding.

The Sage is the part of us that knows. It is our highest self, our unconditioned self, our original self.

Our inner Seeker can lead us to our inner Sage. This is a continual process of BECOMING in which we actively engage in and with life for this very purpose.

We are each the student and the teacher – the Seeker and the Sage – simultaneously throughout our life.

The Seeker:

  • Is a pilgrim – on a journey through life, navigating the inner terrain in conjunction with and in relation to the outer world.
  • Believes that life is always speaking to them and endeavours to listen learn and grow along the journey.
  • Wants to experience life and themselves more deeply. They want to connect with the spiritual nature of life and desire to know, understand, discover, unlearn, remember the truth of who they are and what it means to be whole and connected.
  • Asks the big questions and digs deep for the answers.
  • Is curious, inquisitive, reflective, and looking for meaning, purpose, truth and depth. They take a proactive approach to life and are keen to activate and participate in their own healing, expansion, prosperity and fulfilment.
  • Is awake and aware to life and themselves and practices the qualities of willingness, trust, faithfulness, patience, and openness.
  • Believes that life is happening ‘for them’, not ‘to them’.

The Sage:

  • Is the wise one within – the unconditioned part of you that ‘knows’ what is needed to live with purpose and prosperity.
  • Is your inner guide/guru/healer/teacher – your higher self – the part of you that is infinite and whole, connected to God/Source/the Universe/Life.
  • Is your internal guidance system – a mode of intelligence that is beyond the rational mind.
  • Wants to help you remember your wholeness, your beingness, the truth of who you are and to live from that place consciously.
  • Can help you with any aspect of your life – direction, purpose, healing, health, relationships, career.
  • Speaks to you through your intuition – we hear, feel, sense, know from within.
  • Has all the answers you are seeking. It may not reveal them directly, but it will always lead you to the right person, place, object or occurrence that will address your situation or query.
  • Uses synchronicities – meaningful coincidences – with people, places, ideas, articles, objects, occurrences, nature…anything to get your attention and awaken you to the truth you are seeking.

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