Note to Self

Gena’s first published work providing valuable reminders for life’s choices,
helping us to rewrite our script one note to self at a time.


We all talk to ourselves about ourselves and about the situations we’re in, and when faced
with troubling times and challenging circumstances that inner voice can run amok in
unhealthy and unhelpful ways.

At the first sign of difficulty many of us will criticise, judge, condemn, abuse, disapprove,
deny and blame ourselves for our misgivings, our behaviours and our choices. And by doing so, we damage our already fragile sense of self putting strain on our wellbeing and our ability to move through change positively and productively.

Enter Note to Self

Note to Self is a set of 24 cards that encourage us to face life’s choices honestly and openly.  They help to reinstate one with their own personal authority, empowering us to think, speak and act in ways that are life-giving and supportive. They remind us that we have the power to choose and thus, the power to change any situation by changing our thoughts and beliefs and the self-talk that ensues.

On the front of each card is a statement, reminding and affirming what may have been a
long-forgotten truth, and on the back are three key questions that help us delve a little
deeper – questions that invite reflection, contemplation, exploration and possibility.


The cards are divided into six themes that speak to the key aspects of our inner life –
concepts we are in communion with constantly as we live out each day:


Read about how Note to Self helps us understand ourselves better and can help us clarify the change we need:

Note to Self celebrated its 10th Birthday last year! Read Gena’s reflection on the journey so far:

Note to Self is a wonderful tool promoting self reflection, self-awareness, and self-responsibility. Use the cards to begin your day or your week, choosing what you most need help to remember. Or go to the cards when you have a difficult situation to seek clarity, direction, closure, journaling your responses and writing your own ‘Notes’.

Note to Self is published by Innovative Resources.
To view and purchase the cards go to: