Coaching for the heart mind & soul

Awaken your heart, enlighten your mind and nourish your soul to live a more rich, empowered and meaningful life.

Coaching Principles:

Gena provides a sacred space to explore your needs and desires in a way that nourishes uplifts and inspires you as you become who you truly are.

Her compassionate coaching style supports your empowerment and growth increasing self-awareness, self-discovery and self-acceptance.

She shares practical wisdom, insights and guidance to help you with:

– Navigating the potholes on the journey of Life

– Discovering and manifesting purpose and passion

– Developing a spiritual path and practice

– Healing and integrating emotional wounds

Gena values:

Love – the greatest healing power in the universe

Truth – realising and honouring one’s personal truth and the seeking of universal truth

Transformational healing – the unlearning and remembering that changes one’s being

Compassionate service – heartfelt care in alignment with purpose that supports others

Authentic power – the innate power within to choose, change, heal and evolve

Collaboration – working in partnership to achieve the highest healing outcomes

Consciousness – to be aware of and awake to who and what we truly are

Gena's Code of Ethics:

I believe that you, the client, have the answers within and that it’s my job to support guide and empower you to find them.

I believe that oftentimes it is enhanced understanding that is needed – more information, a different perspective or a surprising insight that will ignite the change or healing that you seek.

I believe there is always more to the story so I will encourage you to dig deep and look for the meaning or what may be hidden from your current view so that transformation can take place.

I believe you have gifts and talents that should be embraced and accessed so that you can live a life of fulfilment and purpose.

What underlies all of this is the drive and desire to serve with compassion and love.

I will bring an open heart and mind to every session and provide a safe and nurturing environment with which to discuss your queries and explore your personal matters with confidentiality.

I will support you to face changes with courage and help you get in touch with your own inner guidance and wisdom.

I will draw on my experience as a teacher, trainer, coach, counsellor and facilitator to provide the supportive listening, speaking and relational skills that are needed for a session to be successful. My strong empathic, sensitive, intuitive, perceptive and analytical abilities will be used throughout the session to support the healing process.

The tools I use to encourage and empower clients include Oracle cards, Crystals, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Meditation, and Journaling– all of which are used as an aid to enlighten and inform you to areas that may lead to growth and transformation. They are not used for the purpose of prediction, but as tools that help explore possibilities, purpose, healing and meaning.

I will not give advice, especially for areas in which I am not qualified, and will suggest a professional referral if needed.

I will not accept payment if you are not satisfied with the service I have provided. It is my intention to inspire and uplift and I aim to do so in every session, no matter how challenging a topic or situation may be, as I trust that something ‘good’ will be revealed in every session for every client. And although you may not leave with what was originally intended, I trust you will at least feel validated, supported and hopeful.

I cannot fix, solve or heal anything for you…but you can. I’m here to remind of that – to reinstall the belief in yourself that you know what it is you need and to encourage you to trust the voice of your inner sage…and love yourself through the process.

Contact Gena

  • Office 7 Upstairs 391 Hargreaves St, Bendigo, VIC 3550
  • 0477 147 110

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