Journal Your Way

There’s your way to journal and there’s journaling your way.
Be guided and supported to discover your own journaling practice to nourish and inspire you as you find your way.

I believe journaling is an act of self-love.
On the page you are free to be exactly who you are, where you are.
Clarity comes when you journal your way.
Journaling grows your awareness.
Your soul will thank you.

Journaling is personal. It’s your place to write whatever and whenever suits you and your needs. There are many ways to journal and many things to journal about – in fact no thing is too small or big to journal! But it can be overwhelming with so many choices – what to write, when to write, where, for how long…. so together we will explore a range of practices and prompts to help you find your way.


Anyone who wants a deeper connection to themselves and to life.

You may be someone who has always wanted to journal but never known where to start; or someone who has journaled occasionally but regularly falls off the wagon; or maybe you already have a stable journaling practice but are looking to rejuvenate it or take it to a new level. I will help you find your way no matter where you’re at or what your purpose. 



JOURNAL YOUR WAY is a series of 4 Zoom sessions held over a 4 week period:

Session 1 [75 mins]
This is our set-up session where we explore the why, what and where of journaling as well as practice a range of methods to help you begin to find your way. The week following this initial session is a great time to try the various techniques we have covered and begin to shape your own journaling practice.

Session 2, 3 and 4 [25 mins each]
Each follow-up session is a time for us to reflect on your week’s practice. I check in with you to see what’s worked and what hasn’t and help you make any adjustments that will support your practice further. It’s the perfect time to ask any questions about your experiences over the week. Plus I’ll give you more prompts to work with for the week ahead. 

Our aim is to get to Session 4 with any issues ironed out and have you fully set up and journaling your way!


“Content was great! Loved how you interweaved your own experiences and journal uses.” – Sarah

“LOVING my journaling practice! It really has been great having journaling as another way to show myself love, and to make sense of whatever the day brings.” – Ange

“Over the last 4 weeks the AMAZING Gena has guided me through a number of different journalling processes. Through conversation and information she has given me understanding, knowledge, grace and kindness which allowed me to find what works for me. I have been able to use my “best fit” to give myself insight! How freeing it is to now have new skills to move forward in this mostly happy, but sometimes difficult life I am leading. Thanks Gena!” – Hilary

How nourishing it has been during this time of isolation to have had your guidance. Life is so rich and rewarding and you have helped me wake up and start to see its incredible layers, way beyond the physical. Thank you for all of your work getting this valuable course going.” – Libby


The JOURNAL YOUR WAY full program fee is $290 AUD.


Send me an email to
From there we will plan our sessions and prepare to begin!

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