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Allow for the way to unfold

Anyone else still wishing for ‘what was’ or waiting anxiously for a ‘new normal’…? For weeks I have been struggling with ‘what is’ – I didn’t want to fully feel the uncertainty or the fear that fuels it. Nor could I bear the anguish of not knowing ‘what or when’. […]

Honouring the journey

Find Your Way was all set for a big launch party back on May 30, but a state-wide snap lock down called for a Plan B. These are the notes I prepared for the Facebook LIVE video I delivered – my Plan B – at 3pm on that day. Right […]

happy now

This post title is not a statement uttered with relief or a wry tone, nor is it an empty promise borne of frustration and impatience. It is a declaration. A decision. A commitment: to be happy now, regardless of the symptoms I am struggling with and the uncertainty of the […]

There you are

Another book title that says it all…wherever you go there you are! No matter where we go we cannot escape ourselves. It’s a tough truth to swallow but within this realisation is an invitation – an opportunity to practice awareness and acceptance; to mindfully see ‘what is’ and to let […]

Writing my way

I can’t exactly remember when the urge to write first came upon me. I recall being given a creative writing assignment back in primary school – we had to come up with our very own super hero. As a kid I loved Vegemite (actually, I still do), so much so, […]