Feel empowered, supported and inspired as you find your way.

Hi there, I'm Gena...

a student of life with a voracious appetite for discovering truth and seeking meaning. I want to see, to know, to grow, to understand and learn from whatever comes my way.

As you can imagine I love to read – anything self-helpish or steeped in wisdom from the sages of the past and present that helps us to open our eyes and our hearts and our minds and live a life that is rich and purposeful is either beside my bed waiting to be read or crammed into one of my many bookcases, lovingly devoured and waiting for its re-read.

And I love to write – exploring and processing the human condition has been a fundamental part of my journey. I have for years turned to the page and pen in search of solace, scribbling my way through tough times to try and make sense of what it was I was struggling with. I don’t always know where the journaling is going to take me but it always leads me to insight and understanding.

I also love to teach – sharing what I’ve learnt through my own experiences as well as what I have learnt from others so that I can make a positive difference is the world is a big part of my journey this lifetime.

Seeker & Sage

The writings I share and the teachings and programs I offer are a culmination of all that I have learnt, integrated, been, done, and created so far. It is a living acknowledgment of the seeker and sage within which is my natural orientation to life and how I find my way.

Along with my ongoing and full-time seeker-ship to the school we call Life, I am also a qualified High School Teacher, Life Coach, Workplace Trainer and Assessor and Workshop Facilitator. I hold certificates in the positive psychology of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Lead Management, and have also completed studies in Professional Writing and Editing. I am also a published author of the card set Note to Self  which has already helped thousands of people to regain a sense of empowerment and make positive life-enhancing choices.


Through my own journey of ill-health and the healing path I’ve taken, I have developed great sensitivity, compassion and awareness and can see the potential for healing and growth in all situations. 

I am dedicated to empowering others to live more conscious, meaningful and authentic lives and from my heart to yours offer love, nourishment, guidance and wisdom to ease suffering and bring renewed hope, peace and connection. 

I am here to serve and support. You can find my learnings and teachings on Instagram and Facebook as well as personal stories on the blog here at seekerandsage.com

With love, Gena xo