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I am a student of life and a seeker of truth. I want to know, to understand, to grow from what comes my way.

Reading wisdom literature has been a long-time love of mine. Since my late teens, I have instinctively turned to the sages for their words of comfort and encouragement when life has been most challenging. I began to notice there seemed to be a silent power at work leading me to the ‘right’ book, the ‘right’ author, even the ‘right’ page at the ‘right’ time. I have learned to trust this intuition and have come to rely on it to help me navigate my way through decades of ill-health and the many twists and unexpected turns that life has presented me with.

Writing has also been a fundamental part of this journey. I have for years turned to the page and pen in search of solace and support, scribbling my way through tough times trying to make sense of that which I was struggling with. I get so much from writing – I don’t always know where it’s going to take me or what I will discover but it always leads me to insight and understanding.

Apart from reading and writing my way through life I have had this yearning to make a difference – to share what I learn by contributing to healing the hearts of humanity.

Enter Seeker & Sage.

This is a culmination of all that I have been, done, created and continue to aspire to be. It is the living acknowledgment of the seeker and sage within me and also you that must be awakened if we are to move toward wholeness and live a life of meaning, peace and prosperity.

My insatiable appetite for learning was my inner Seeker in action, leading me to my inner Sage and the healing I was searching for. It is my natural orientation to life, my way of navigating, of finding my way, and it can help you find yours.

Along with my ongoing and full-time Seeker-ship to the school we call Life, I am also a qualified High School Teacher, Life Coach, Workplace Assessor and Workshop Trainer and Facilitator. I hold Certificates in the positive psychology of Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management, Professional Writing and Editing, Tarot Counselling and most recently Evolutionary Astrology. I have worked in schools, adult education, employment agencies, and as a consultant writing and delivering workshops on building confidence and self-esteem. I am a published author of the card set Note to Self  which has helped thousands of people to regain a sense of empowerment and make positive life-enhancing choices.

Through my own journey of ill-health and the healing path I’ve taken, I have developed great sensitivity, compassion and awareness and can see the potential for healing in all opportunities. I love making connections between our inner and outer world to gain insights and meaning that will lead to acceptance and integration, and ultimately healing. Empathy is my superpower and I use it to connect and listen for the story under the circumstances and to validate your experiences. From my heart to yours I offer the love that is needed to bring renewed hope and optimism to end your suffering and open you up to the peace and joy that is possible. And most importantly I meet you where you are and work with you for the highest and best healing outcomes.

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