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Anyone else still wishing for ‘what was’ or waiting anxiously for a ‘new normal’…?

For weeks I have been struggling with ‘what is’ – I didn’t want to fully feel the uncertainty or the fear that fuels it. Nor could I bear the anguish of not knowing ‘what or when’.

But on Friday morning I could stand it no longer, and four magic words finally freed me from the struggle:

I feel so lost.

I said it. Then I said it again.

And again and again and again.

The more I said it and expressed why the more I felt myself let go.

I didn’t realise how tightly I had been holding on, and consequently hindering any progress toward the new.

I still don’t know ‘the way’ or what’s next, but I do know I am now more open to the way unfolding.

I no longer have to push to find it or try to make it happen – my letting go has made room for it to materialise.

Clarity now has the chance to come and I feel a sense of empowerment dawning – for even though I may ‘feel’ lost, I know exactly where I am:

in that fertile space in between.

And as I say on page 101 of Find Your Way:

The sooner we realise our holding on is hindering our progress the quicker we can let go and allow for the way to unfold.

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