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Hello and welcome to Find Your Way, the podcast. I’m your host Gena McLean, author of the book Find Your Way and writer under the name Seeker and Sage. It’s a joy to be bringing this content to you, and my hope is that it finds its way into your mind and heart, nourishing you and supporting you as you find your way.  

Well, here we are, we’ve made it to the conclusion of my book Find Your Way. 

So far I have shared with you and unpacked the introduction and my preface and then we’ve looked at each chapter starting with chapter one in the book, which is called Live aware. 

Then we went to chapter 2, which was called Look within, chapter 3 Lead with purpose, chapter 4 Let life change you and chapter 5 Love yourself through the process. 

And now it’s time to wrap all of that up and I do that on page 141. 

We don’t measure how well we’ve journeyed in terms of speed or distance traveled. It’s about what we’ve learned and unlearned along the way, how well we’ve managed and who we’ve become as a result of the changes we have endured and mastered. 

Every journey asks something of us. But we can’t deliver if we don’t show up and face what’s being asked with our minds and hearts open. 

To find our way successfully, we must move through life consciously and compassionately, meeting and managing each challenge with the intention of coming through it better than we were before – expanded, healed, evolved, strengthened, softened and humbled. To do this, we need to change both our relationship with change and our relationship with ourselves as we go through change. 

Remember there isn’t one way – there is only your way. And that will be the way that suits and serves you and your own personal evolutionary journey. 

I’m feeling pretty humbled right now I have to say having reached the conclusion. 

There’s a lot in those four small paragraphs and I would just like to have a look at a couple of things with you. There’s a big statement there, and I do completely and utterly believe it to be true that we don’t measure how well we’ve journeyed in terms of speed or distance traveled. 

It really and truly is about who we become along the way. And who we become along the way will be shaped and molded by the challenges and the changes that we face in our life. 

And whether or not we consciously and compassionately engage with them. This is that thing about changing our relationship with change and with ourselves. 

So we participate, we do what it says in Chapter 4 – we, with an open mind and an open heart we let life in and we let life change us. 

Another really important point from this conclusion is the last two sentences when I remind you that there is not one way, there is only your way. And that will be the way that suits and serves you and your own personal evolutionary journey. And that’s what this book is, It is and I am an advocate for your unique path and process. I really want people to own their journey and to embrace it and to take the reins and really feel like it’s theirs, because it is, it is yours, because it is your life. And no one can tell us how to live our life. We, I mean, we do get told by plenty of people and maybe most of those people are well meaning, but ultimately it is our own choice and I just fully support you coming back to you, which is the importance of Chapter 2, which is called look within and also the final chapter, Chapter 5, which is to love yourself through the process. 

So all of these chapters are like ingredients, the key ingredients we need if we are going to live as the tagline on the cover says. If we’re going to grow through challenge and change to live a more meaningful life, then I believe what it takes from us and for us is to live aware, look within, lead our life with purpose, let life have its way with us and change us and love ourselves through the process. 

Before I leave you, with some final words of encouragement from the end of the book. 

I just wanted to take the chance to say a very heartfelt thank you for listening and for your patience with me and this podcast. This is my first ever podcast, I’ve never done one before, it’s been quite a learning experience for me and really out of my comfort zone. 

But I have enjoyed it so much and my goal was originally to read every entry in the book. But at that point I hadn’t thought about sort of spending some time unpacking each entry and then when it became time to start recording the podcast it became really clear to me that the best thing to do was to read a couple of entries from each chapter and then unpack them and then leave them with you to sift through and process in your own way. 

So that’s what I’ve done, and I hope that you have enjoyed it and gotten something out of it. 

I also want to thank all the people who have bought the book already bought it for themselves and maybe even bought it for someone else. It means the world to me that you’ve done that, of course, the whole point of writing the book is that it will have readers, and you know, I’m not just interested in readership, I am interested in people using the book to change their experience of change and challenge. I want people to use this book to empower themselves to face change differently and to love themselves along the way. And to really value and appreciate and honor their own journey. It’s just such a big important message, I’m filled with goosebumps as I say it and and a little bit teary. It’s been so important to me with all the health challenges and the chronic pain, let alone all the other hiccups along the way that have happened in life that happened to us all. Regardless, I hope that you can use the book to help you find your own unique way, and I thank you for all that you’ve done to support my pages on Instagram and Facebook Seeker and Sage, and my work by sharing it with other people. And your comments for those people that think I won’t bother writing anything or she won’t care what I say, I care, every single comment means so much to me and I treasure them all. I try to write back to them all as well so thank you for participating in and engaging with my work. 

OK, I’m going to leave you with this. 

It appears on page 138 and you may not remember, so I might just remind you that way back in one of the earlier episodes I read you the little dedication and it started with the words dear fellow Traveler. Because as you know, I see all of us on a journey. We’re all walking it, we’ve all got our own unique path, but we’re all on the journey of life. So I class everyone is my fellow traveler and so in my final parting words. My encouragement is to walk on. 

Sometimes we don’t know how to keep going on the journey of life. But we don’t have to know how to do it all now. We just have to take the next step, and then the one after that one step at a time. 

We all know this, but we so easily forget. 

Challenging circumstances and the many steps we still have to take can stop us in our tracks. But if we redirect our focus on what’s right in front of us – the one next step, and only that one – 

we are on our way to walking. 

Walk on fellow traveler, one conscious and compassionate step at a time. 

Thank you for being here. 

Thank you for listening. 

It’s an honor to have you with me.

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