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Hello and welcome to Find Your Way, the podcast. I’m your host Gena McLean, author of the book Find Your Way and writer under the name Seeker and Sage. It’s a joy to be bringing this content to you, and my hope is that it finds its way into your mind and heart, nourishing you and supporting you as you find your way.  

Today I’m going to read the introduction from my new book Find Your Way. 

The introduction is a great place to start obviously when you first read a book. This introduction is quite important because it’s going to set you up for what’s to come and it also outlines how to use this book because as you will hear, this is not a book that you typically read and then you’re finished and you put the book down. This is a book to use and to keep going back to whenever you feel that you need it. 

It starts on page 8 with this statement.;

We’re all travelers on the journey of life. And it’s a journey fraught with challenge and change that tests our ability to achieve a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Uncharted territory stirs up confusion and fear. 

Whether it’s voluntarily evoked or comes to us spontaneously, change has the potential to overwhelm us and send us spiraling into self-doubt and apprehension. When we don’t know what to do next or which way to turn, a sense of powerlessness can set in, perpetuating more struggle and more suffering. 

No wonder we loathe change – it signals a loss of control and raises doubts that we have what it takes to handle the unknown. 

But we can’t avoid it. Change is a constant in our life – the one thing we can be sure of and the one thing we should expect. Many of us do so, reluctantly and ineffectively, and we suffer for it. 

Our inability to manage it successfully directly affects our well being – our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are all at risk of being depleted and damaged; our self esteem takes a hit; our relationships deteriorate; our dreams are diminished. and the chance to live our most satisfying life disappears. 

So how do we navigate the twists and turns of life? 

How do we handle the bumps, the sharp bends and the dead ends? 

To navigate is to find the way, but there isn’t one way. 

And there is no right way or wrong way – just your way. 

That’s what this book is – a companion to help you find your way. 

It encourages a growth mindset – one that is open to change – and the opportunity to journey consciously and compassionately so we can manage change more effectively and love ourselves along the way. 

How we view the challenges of life says a lot about how we will cope with them and how successfully we will manage them. While we can’t always change the environment or situation we find ourselves in, we can choose our approach and response to it. 

We will be tested. We will want to close down when what is needed is to open up and we will turn on ourselves when what we need is to apply patients and care. 

This book shows us how we can approach the journey with a willingness to learn from it and grow through it while navigating it consciously and compassionately in our own unique way. 

It’s a collection of insights, observations and understandings I have taken and made from my own challenges and the many years I have supported clients, students, friends and family with their own difficulties. 

What I’ve noticed over and over is we don’t easily embrace change because we doubt our ability to handle it and don’t know how to find our way through it. Therefore, changing our relationship with change is vital. And if we want to come through change intact, then changing our relationship with ourselves as we find our way is essential. 

Find your way is a compilation of reminders distilled from years of journeying with my eyes and heart open – observing, listening, reflecting, learning and letting go. They have helped me overcome confusion, doubt, helplessness and overwhelm and assisted me to move into acceptance, courage and consciousness while guiding me to face my challenges honestly and with greater compassion. 

Five chapters explore what I consider fundamental aspects that help us find our way more consciously and compassionately. They are to: Live aware; Look within; Lead with purpose; Let life change you and Love yourself through the process. 

The entries within each chapter are designed to remind us of what we forget when we’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain. Some will provide a quick prompt while others offer a deeper dive bringing you back to you and to what matters most. 

But this is not a book to read – it’s a book to use. 

Turn to it when you’re struggling with change or craving it; if you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, or afraid; longing for connection with yourself and your life; if you’re wanting to find a meaning and healing; need to strengthen your self-worth and connect with your inner wisdom; want to meet challenges with awareness so you can navigate them more peacefully, honestly, and authentically.

The time you take to explore the contents of this book is up to you. Sometimes you might need a quick reboot; other days you may want to wander the pages until you settle on the message that resonates and then linger there until it soaks in. Just as there is no right way or wrong way to journey, there is also no right or wrong way to use this book. It’s a ‘companion for the journey’, created to travel with you, supporting you as you need it. 

Completing many of the entries is an italicized statement starting with the words ‘may I’. Consider this an invitation to reflect on the personal significance of the message you’ve just read. It can also be used as an affirmation or intention, opening the door to inner change, inspiring insights or initiating a much-needed mental shift. 

As with any book of this nature, there will be times when it is a suitable choice to help you reflect, soothe or readjust. There may also be circumstances where professional help should be sought. In those cases, once the situation has been managed successfully, this book may then be drawn from to support the healing process. In any case, trust that you will know how and when to use this book appropriately, but if you have any doubts, it is wise to contact a trained professional. 

Timing is everything. Insights cannot be forced, healing cannot be rushed and we should not push for resolution. They come in their own time and through various means. It is important to always listen to and honor your own feelings and urgings in relation to your situation and experience. 

Remember, there is no right way or wrong way – just your way. And you will find it. 

Thank you for being here. 

Thank you for listening. 

It’s an honor to have you with me.

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