Grow through challenge and change to live a more meaningful life.

What I discovered was healing me.

This book is the result of living with chronic physical pain for years and years – which of course induces emotional pain, psychological pain and spiritual pain.

I couldn’t bear that all those years of struggle would be wasted, so I started searching for the gifts within the pain, and with my strong desire and need to write, I journaled my way through the challenges and the setbacks and the difficulties, taking all I could get from each experience.

This book is as much for me as it is for you.

Find Your Way is a compilation of reminders distilled from years of journeying with my eyes and heart open – observing, listening, reflecting, learning and letting go. They have helped me overcome confusion, doubt, helplessness and overwhelm, and assisted me to move into acceptance, courage and consciousness while guiding me to face my challenges honestly and with greater compassion.

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